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Sarah BRADBURY (1868- )

1. Sarah Ann BRADBURY, daughter of Moses BRADBURY (1829-1909) and Ruth BAYLEY (1834-1898), was born in 1868 in Biddulph Staffs.

Second Generation

2. Moses BRADBURY, son of Richard BRADBURY and Sarah WALTERS, was born in 1829 in Longnor Derbyshire. He married Ruth BAYLEY in 1852 in St Michael's Macclesfield. He died in 1909.


3. Ruth BAYLEY, daughter of Joseph BAYLEY, was born in 1834 in Biddulph Staffs. She died in 1898. She and Moses BRADBURY had the following children:


William BRADBURY (1854- ). William was born in 1854 in Biddulph Staffs.

Mary BRADBURY (1855- ). Mary was born in 1855 in Biddulph Staffs.

Elizabeth BRADBURY (1856- ). Elizabeth was born in 1856 in Biddulph Staffs.

Joseph BRADBURY (1860-1896). Joseph was born in 1860. He died in 1896.

Hannah BRADBURY (1862- ). Hannah was born in 1862 in Biddulph Staffs.

Richard Henry BRADBURY (1864- ). Richard was born in 1864 in Biddulph Staffs. He married Ellen ASHMORE in 1904 in Leek Civil Marriage.


Sarah Ann BRADBURY (1868- )

Louisa BRADBURY (1873-1951). Louisa was born in 1873 in Biddulph Staffs. She married Joseph HOLLAND in 1894 in St Lawrence Biddulph. She married Richard DOORBAR in 1905 in Civil Marriage. She died in 1951 in Leek Reg Dist aged 77.

Moses BRADBURY (1878- ). Moses was born in 1878 in Biddulph Staffs.

Third Generation

4. Richard BRADBURY was born in 1781 in Staffordshire Moorlands. He died in 1860. He married Sarah WALTERS.


5. Sarah WALTERS was born in 1791 in Staffordshire Moorlands. She and Richard BRADBURY had the following children:


Ann BRADBURY (1827- ). Ann was born in 1827 in Staffordshire.


Moses BRADBURY (1829-1909)

Joseph BRADBURY (1834- ). Joseph was born in 1834 in Staffordshire.


6. Joseph BAYLEY has few details recorded about him.


Joseph BAYLEY had the following children:



Ruth BAYLEY (1834-1898)