At War

This page was added in January 2014.

With a lot of interest in World War One as we near the one hundredth anniversary of its start it seems appropriate to recognise those on our tree that served in the armed services. The links below provide details of those that we are aware of that served at various times, it will not be complete.

 World War One

Arthur   Knapper

Arthur was Phil's Great Uncle and he volunteered for the army on the 31st August 1914 enlisting at Macclesfield.
He was discharged as Medically unfit for further service on the 20th October 1814. He was 5' 6" and weighed 10 stone 4 lbs

Link to Arthur's Details
John Egbert Machin

John is Kath's 1st cousin twice removed and had an interesting newpaper aricle published following his death

Link to Newspaper Article
Ernest Mayer

Kath's Grandfather was in the Merchant Navy during the Great War and she is going to provide more details to the pictures accessable by the link below

Link to Ernest's Details
John Ernest Doorbar

A copy of a medal card so far

Samuel Condliffe
Phil's 4th Cousin once removed fell on the Somme on Feb 13th 1916
Link to Samuels Details

 World War Two

Harold Walton

Phil's father, joined the army before he was conscripted in 1939 as part of the Royal Army Service Core. He did keep a diary but this was lost some years ago.
Link to more information of Harold's time in the Army.
James Yates

James was the son Abel Yates and Ellen Booth. His actions during the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940 are recorded in Lydon Murgatroyd's Book - Lest we Forget.


Link to more information of James Yates at Dunkirk
Ronald Yates

Ronald was the son of Charles Yates and Jane Margaret Wainwright. Born in Johnson Square Buglawton (between the Church and the School) he was living in Havannah Street at the outbreak of the war.


Link to more information about Ronald Yates who died in Malta in 1941