The first recorded person on this branch of the family tree is Jonathan Boweres
He had a son Jacob Bowers who was born on 12 Jan 1783 and died on 28 Feb 1861. The cause of his death was Natural Decay. Jacob was employed as Labourer.
Jacob married Margaret Broom the  daughter of Samuel Broom on 30 Jul 1805 in Prestbury. Margaret was born in Peover. She was christened on 11 Jun 1786 in Over Peover, Cheshire. margaret bowers obit
Jacob and Margaret had three known children:
       Samuel  who was christened on 6 Jul 1823 and died on 12 Apr 1890.                                   
      John who was born in 1821 in Ollerton and
      Thomas who was born in 1828.                                                                                
  Margaret Bowers   
       Samuel Bowers was christened on 6 Jul 1823 in Over Peover, Cheshire. He died on 12 Apr 1890 in Harpurhey, Ollerton. Samuel was employed as Labourer.

 Samuel married Jane Webb daughter of William Webb and Elizabeth  on 15 Aug 1849 in Parish Church N Knutsford. Jane was born in 1825 in Ollerton. She died on 29 May 1891 in 5 Rigby Street  Altrincham.
 Samuel and Jane had seven known children:
 Ann, Margaret, Mary, Samuel, William, John and Jane.

 The second child of Samuel and Jane was Margaret who was born on 8th September 1852 she married James Holland son of John Holland and Sarah Whittaker on 31 Dec 1873 in All Saints in the Parish of Marthall. James and Margaret moved to Congleton and lived there for the remainder of there lives. They had seven children. In the picture here she is outside her home in Queen Street, Bugalawton.

Above is Margaret Bowers outside her home at Queen Street Buglawton.

To the right is Margeret Bowers Obituary copied from the Congleton Chronicle.

Below is the marriage certificate of Samuel Bowers and Jane Webb (Margarets parents). sam bowers birth cert

Cheshire Tithe Maps Information:

Details of land ownership and occupation is available from Cheshire Records Office online services:

This is the Cheshire Records office tithe maps online. The maps are dated 1848.

This gives a clear indication of where the Bowers lived - in houses that exist today.

Township    Parish                Plot    Landowner(s)            Occupier(s)      Land Use                Acres    Roods    Perches     
Ollerton    Nether Knutsford    353    Wilbraham Egerton    Jacob Bower    Cottage & Garden    0            0            9    Map
Ollerton    Nether Knutsford    349    Wilbraham Egerton    Jacob Bower    Garden                    0           0           18    Map
Ollerton    Nether Knutsford    234    Wilbraham Egerton    John Bower      House & Garden       0           0           12   Map
Ollerton    Nether Knutsford    235    Wilbraham Egerton    John Bower      Orchard                   0           1            2    Map
Ollerton    Nether Knutsford    236    Wilbraham Egerton    John Bower      Croft                       1            1           28   Map
Ollerton    Nether Knutsford    158    Wilbraham Egerton    John Bower      Meadow                  1            1            2    Map
Ollerton    Nether Knutsford    298    Wilbraham Egerton    John Bower      Far poor field           1            3            34  Map
Ollerton    Nether Knutsford    299    Wilbraham Egerton    John Bower      Near poor field         1            1            0    Map
Ollerton    Nether Knutsford    357    Edward Gibson          John Bower      Cottage & Garden     0            0            4    Map
Ollerton    Nether Knutsford    181    Ralph Hough             Thomas Bower Cottage & Garden     0            0            6    Map

Search was for Bower.

In the 1851 census Jacob Bower is  living in Ollerton and indicates his place of birth as Toft and age 68.
Living with him were his wife Margaret (64), John his son (30) and his Grandaughter Margaret (15).
In 1841 in Ollerton Jacob is 58, Margaret 55, John 20, there is also William 15 and Thomas 13, granddaughter Margaret 7.

Also in 1851 in Ollerton John Bower 40 head with wife Margaret 38 and children Mary 7, Elizabeth 6, Jane 4, John 2 and Charles 7 months.  In 1841 in Ollerton John is 30 and Margaret 20, he is a Brickmaker. This John could be the nephew of Jacob, proving this is a difficult task!

Cheshire Tithe Map Jacob Bowers

Above is copy of part of a page from Cheshire Tithe Maps Online showing the cottage and garden that were occupied by Jacob Bowers in 1854 - this is parcel number 355 (9 Perches) edged in yellow, above and slightly to the right is parcel 349 (looks like 549 and 18 Perches) which was also occupied by Jacob Bowers. Note that there are 160 Perches in an Acre. below is a 2011 copy of Google Maps for the area.

Jacob Bowers house location in 2011