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The earliest Tripp we have is Thomas born about 1777, he married Jane Holland on 18th January 1802, they had one daughter. He then married Hannah Jones on the 8th September 1806. Thomas and Hannah had seven known children. It the eldest of these called John that is our direct ancestor.

 st nicholas liverpool   

19th century liverpool

Above left is St Nicholas Liverpool where John Tripp and Mary Ann Warrington married 8th September 1806, the picture on the right is by W.J. Bennett c1817 and shows Liverpool from the Wirral side in the 19th Century .

Christened as John Jones Tripp he gave his occupation in 1851 as Riggar and his address was Prophet Street in the Toxteth area of Liverpool Tripp's did use previous surnames as middle names. He registered daughter Sarah's birth and gave occupation as Ship Rigger. He registered daughter Agnes's birth and gave occupation as Rigger Journeyman. John died on the 10 December 1863 in Southdown Road Workhouse, Toxteth Park. On his death certificate his age was given as 52 years and the cause of death was cancer. He married Mary Ann Warrington on 3rd June 1833 in Liverpool. They had seven known children, the sixth born was Sarah who went on to marry Samuel Walton.

mary ann tripp death

Above is a copy of the original entry recording the death of Mary Ann Tripp (Warrington)

Sarah's was life was an eventful one:-

Only record of Sarah Tripp in 1881 was at 78A Salisbury St Everton living with Thomas Kent and Mary Kent Rel:sister (mary's ?). Note that William John Tripp died aged 7 weeks see memorial card died 11 days before census. It was thought that William was Sarah's Brother but the records confirm (William's birth certificate) that he was her son. It is not known if this was Sarah's secret all the time she lived in Cheshire, her son Henry seemed convinced that William was Sarah's brother. Note the only family of Tripp's in Liverpool head Alexander (Sarah's brother) inc Sarah 5 months old so William could not be his son. Sarah was born in 17 Prophet St Liverpool on 17 Mar 1851 and was recorded there a few weeks later in the 1851 census. Sarah moved to Cheshire and married Samuel  Walton in 1884.

john tripp birth certjohn tripp memorial card

William John Tripp's death certificate left and Rememberance Card above.

Sarah's death was recorded by her Daughter in Law Ruth Walton of 7 Queen Street Buglawton.

From Congleton Chronicle 12 November 1932

Buglawton Residents Death

An aged Buglawton resident, Mrs Sarah Walton, of 9, Queen Street, passed peacefully away on Tuesday morning at the advanced age of 81 years.

She was the widow of Samuel Walton, of Smallwood - where they resided for a long period - her husband predeceasing her some fifteen years ago. Mrs Walton was very active until a few months ago: she leaves two sons both of whom are married to mourn her loss. Smallwood Parish Church, which she was in the habit of attending during her residence in the village, was the scene of the funeral on Thursday afternoon, the last rites being performed by the vicar, the Rev U.L.Johnstone. Mourners present were: Mr and Mrs Harry Walton, Mr and Mrs William Walton, sons and daughters-in-law: Mr and Mrs T. Holland, Mr and Mrs W. Holland. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs C. Axson and sons, Park Hill, Congleton.